Sonic Pieces – Two new releases

Two new Sonic Pieces records are officially out and streaming as of today. Otto A Totland´s new album Companion is now available (LTD LP / LTD CD and Standard LP edition). Though beware, low stock on LTD LPs. سایه [sāje] by Oliver Doerell (Dictaphone, Swod) and Iranian percussionist Jawad Salkhordeh is also available in an edition of 300x. This record comes packaged in a full-coloured, spot varnished sleeve as part of the next chapter of our PATTERN series. Our Berlin store is also currently hosting an exhibition with collages by Helga Raimondi connected to this release.

Oliver Doerell & Jawad Salkhordeh – سایه [sāje]

It finds its home in the unknown, unexplored areas of sound, in the liberal, sprawling paths within; areas not yet mapped out. Spellbinding rhythms slip into the fabric of its sound with ease, and the music seems to be well-balanced. – Fluid Radio on Saje

Immersive, richly textured cross-fertilization of Persian traditional music & Ambient Electronics. – Hardwax

Otto A TotlandCompanion

From the delicate melodies to his beautiful playing, from the tastefully somber storytelling to the technical attention put in each recording, and finally from the overall delivery to the completely absorbing transfer of his mind to mine, through the keys and the fingers, that is what makes this Norwegian composer stand out among the rest. – Headphone Commute on Companion

Totland’s music implies that we have a choice: to return to the rat race, the relentless pace of industry and commerce, the numbing extravagance of mindless entertainment; or to pause, not because we have to, but because we want to – A Closer Listen on Companion

Both can be purchased through our webshop