Cisser Mæhl, a new artist on Sonic Pieces

Cisser Mæhl and I were introduced by Stephan Mathieu in March 2021. After exchanging a few emails it became clear that we both wanted to meet in person. Cisser was living in Copenhagen at that time and instantly agreed to come to Berlin, but in a follow-up email she said, Denmark was now considered a “risk area” and Germany wouldn’t allow her to enter. She did some research and found out about the declaration for absolute necessity business travel that I could fill in and that would enable her to come. So I did, and we spent a couple of nice days together in Berlin in April of 2021, mostly walking around the city as there weren’t many places we could go to.

It was great having her back last weekend for two intimate performances at our Berlin store (where this photo was taken). And after some delays I’m happy that her debut album “Innemuseum” will finally see the light of day in exactly one month, on 3rd of March, 2023. (Monique / Sonic Pieces)

Monique & Cisser at mi – so store, Berlin. photo by Erik K Skodvin