mi - so editions 03  02. February 2024

Sylvain Chauveau - The Line Compositions

Edition: 65x numbered books

40 pages, 13.9 x 19.7cm
Hand bound with recycled cardboard and bookcloth,
embossed logo on the back
4-colour risoprint by we make it in Berlin on uncoated paper,
plus Japanese end paper

“Classical music notation from Western countries is used only by a minority of musicians around the world. There are other ways to explain compositions to performers. One of them is to create scores with an original, personal way of giving instructions: visually, or just verbally, or both. They are sometimes called graphic scores.

Like many people impressed by minimalist aesthetic in all forms, I have a predilection – if not an obsession – for pure geometric figures. Notably for the line. It brought me, in 2014, to start a series of 24 musical scores made out of lines drawn with pencil on a notebook: straight, parallels, crossing, broken, unbroken, shifting. This book is a selection of one-page scores from this series, where the influence of a Japanese sense of aesthetic is never faraway.” – Sylvain Chauveau