mi - so editions 04  08. March 2024

Sylvain Chauveau - Graphic Scores Book

Edition: 65x numbered books

52 pages, 13.9 x 19.7cm
Hand bound with recycled cardboard and bookcloth,
embossed logo on the back
4-colour risoprint by we make it in Berlin on uncoated paper,
plus Japanese end paper

“How to make musicians improvise? Ironically, one way to do so can be to give them a score. But a score without precise instrumental instructions: just a simple input using the power of an image, a few words or names, an abstract drawing.

I’ve been writing graphic scores since 2007. My notations usually give an almost complete freedom to the performers. They are meant to be a source of inspiration for instrument players, driven by a picture or a few words or names. They could be seen as just a drawing, or a collage, or a graphic creation. But they are musical scores: an invitation for other musicians to perform a piece of music inspired by this notation, as they imagine it should be.

It took me seven years to make a first series featuring 94 scores and this book is a selection taken from the original notebook.” – Sylvain Chauveau