mi - so editions 05  24. May 2024

F.S.Blumm - Poetry

Edition: 65x numbered books

40 pages, 13.9 x 19.7cm
Hand bound with recycled cardboard and bookcloth,
embossed logo on the back
2-colour risoprint by we make it in Berlin on uncoated paper,
plus Japanese end paper

“This booklet speaks of tenderness,
the kind of tenderness that we find,
when we go into details.
This booklet draws poetry:
when views refine,
when perspectives merge.
In my drawings I strive
to point out objects,
that are not visible in the picture.
I‘m hiding picture-elements
to build perspectives beyond the page.
I bend objects to discover the impossible as a possibility.
As a child I was fascinated by the technical drawings on my father’s desk:
strangely torn-open gears, unfolded innards of machines…
images in which the technical met the organic.
Maybe this reflects my desire for doing things ‘wrong’
in order to see which surprising invention comes out.
Before I can do a nice reduced drawing,
I must have scribbled all over 20 other sheets of paper.”
– Frank Schültge